St. Anne'S
Sr. Sec. School, SEHORE
( Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi )

About us


Love, Loyalty, Excellence


To empower the pupil to be an agent to work for the building up of a more just and fraternal society based on truth, peace and love.


To shed the light of faith on the realities of human life and to form the pupil to accept the challenges of the changing world.


The Educative Centers of St.Anne have proposed the integral harmonies of their pupils in its triple dimension: The pupils ought to acquire.

In the personal dimension

  • Progressive knowledge of themselves.
  • Sense of responsible liberty , for developing the positive values of the person and acting to overcome the internal and external co-action which obstruct the development of themselves.
  • Personal balance and maturity which enable them to accept their own limitation and to take personal coherent decision.
  • Sincerity and openness.
  • Critical and creative spirit which enables to discern the surrounding reality and to collaborate n the transformation of the society.
  • Progressive sexual education in a positive and total vision of the person.
  • Sensitivity of the human values and to the problems of the present world.
  • Capacity of observation and a sense of beauty.
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In the Social dimension

  • Responsible sense of the value, her/his preparation as a strength of authentic service and compromise in the construction of the society, including risking her/his own well-being.
  • Respect to the person, acceptance of the other, openness and solidarity with person and the problems of her/his time.
  • Political social formation and answerable responsibility in the society in which they live, contributing progressively to the rebuilding of human fraternity, based on truth, justice peace and love.

In the Christian dimension

  • Education in a mature , personal and responsible faith.
  • Consciousness of belonging to a pilgrim Church with faults and limitations, which struggles and maintains the hope of the kingdom and responsible in the reaction to a more human and Christian world.
  • Initiation and deepening in the faith, culture, synthesis in manner that the knowledge which is being acquired is brightened up by faith, by the world, by life and by people.