St. Anne'S
Sr. Sec. School, SEHORE
( Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi )

Curricular Highlights

The St. Annes Sr. Sec. School is following continuous & comprehensive evaluation through assessment in the Primary classes for enrichment of the total personality. The school offers faculties like Maths, Science, and Commerce to the students with optional subjects like Hindi, Sanskrit, Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Maths and Accountancy in different combinations as prescribed by CBSE.


The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


The medium of instruction is English.

St. Annes is an outstanding institution and aims at Perfection: Perfection is the key-word leading to excellence and success of Co-ed School. To achieve this, the sense of responsibility, value of discipline, importance of regularity and punctuality, cleanliness, self reliance, respect for all with special consideration for elders are cultivated and nurtured in each student. The importance of team spirit is inculcated without forgetting to develop leadership qualities through academics, sports and games as well as other co-curricular activities.

A growing school child experiences various changes in the body, heart and mind. It is a natural phenomenon that students experience a lot of stress due to academic, personal, familial and social reasons. Stress leads to unhealthy development of the personality of the students. Being aware of this fact experienced and qualified psychologists are at the service of the students who need help. They are free to express, discuss and find solution to their queries and problems to become better persons. Under the able guidance of the counselors the students also seek career. guidance and develop their personality.