St. Anne'S
Sr. Sec. School, SEHORE
( Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi )


"Dream Dream Dream until the Dream comes into action" 'St.Anne's Sr. Sec School gives opportunity to bring this dream into reality. Our aim of education is to bring about the calibre of every child and promotes an all round development, into making a loyal citizen based on human values.

There is a story of lion cub reared among herd of cows Once a lion saw his cub, took him by force to a pond and both looked into the pond .The lion roared. The cub roared a small roar and recognized itself as a lion that changed its life for good.

The task of a teacher is to guide the children in discovering their true identity as children of god. To awaken in their small hearts the dormant potentiality like a Gandhi, a Mandela and a Martin Luther King.

God bless you